Please see a proposed revision of the Codes of Good Practice, in particular, Statement 000 (General Principles), as well as Code 300 (Skills Development). This is open for public commentary for sixty days, commencing on the 29th March 2018. Key Amendments under Statement 000: Enhanced recognition for Black-Owned entities. This amendment proposed that 51% Black-owned, as well as 100% Black-Owned entities can receive an automatic B-BBEE Level 2 and Level 1 recognition level, respectively. They only need to supply an ownership verification certificate, ensuring that the ownership is calculated on the flow through basis, not utilising any enhancements or deemed…
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New Agri Sector Codes

Dear valued client, Following shortly on the new Financial and Construction Sector codes, last week saw the new Agri Sector Codes being Gazetted. Please find attached a copy thereof. These codes are effective immediately from the date of publication which was the 8th of December 2017. This means that any verification that is signed off after the date of publication must be based on the new codes. Any verification signed off prior to the 8th of December 2017 will still be valid for the validity period of the certificate. Please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Empowerdex branch for…
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New Construction and FSC codes

Dear valued client,The Amended Sector Codes for the Construction & Financial Services sectors have been gazetted. Please find attached a copy of each. These codes are effective immediately from the date of publication which is the 1st of December 2017. This means that any verifications that are signed off after date of publication must be done so on the new codes. Any verification signed off prior to the 1st of December 2017 will be valid for the validity period of the certificate. The construction sector has however indicated that anyone that recently has completed a verification using the new generic…
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Amended Sector Codes

Dear valued client, Three Amended Sector Codes have been approved by Cabinet recently. Please refer to the link below. The relevant paragraph is 11.2. 11.2. Cabinet supported the proposed amendments of the three B-BBEE Sector Codes. The amendments address sector challenges and peculiarities on transformation that would otherwise not be addressed fully by the generic codes. The three sectors are in Agriculture, Finance and Construction. The proposed amendments have been canvassed with the relevant stakeholders. All the amended sector codes will be gazetted. The Minister of Trade and Industry still has to approve (sign) the gazette before it can…
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BEE Commissioner Submissions Reminder

Dear JSE Listed Client, This is a reminder for your submissions of your BEE certificates and reports to the BEE Commissioner in terms BEE Regulations as gazetted in 2016. Please find the form that you need to submit with your information, within the following timelines: Within 90 days of the end of your financial year or, If the certificate is included in your Annual Financial Report, then within 30 days of the publication of such – including your Annual Report. Please also note the changes in the JSE listings requirements related to your BEE certificate publication. Our analysts and managers…
Dear Valued Client, On 12 June 2017, the office of the B-BBEE Commissioner issued notice 1 of 2017 in respect of Regulation 18 of the B-BBEE Regulations. In terms of this regulation, where a party enters into a major B-BBEE (Major means transaction value exceeding R25 mil) it must, within fifteen (15) days of concluding the major B-BBEE transaction, submit that transaction to the B-BBEE Commission in the prescribed FORM B-BBEE 18 ( to comply with section 13F (1) (f) of the Act. This means that, Major B-BBEE transactions concluded from 9 June 2017 must be registered within fifteen (15)…
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SD Learnerships

Dear Valued Client, Please find attached an Opinion Response received from the Bee Commissioner on Skills Development and more specifically Category B,C and D Learnerships. Note that this question was not raised with the Commissioner by Empowerdex but by another unrelated party. We do however think it is important to note for planning purposes. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. Kind regards,The Empowerdex Team
Dear Sir/Madam,As a follow up on our communication as was sent through on the 14th of June 2017 regarding Major BEE Transactions please see the hyperlink below for an explanatory notice related by the B-BBEE Commission. This notice explains how to register/submit your deals.Explanatory Notice 1of 2017 B-BBEE Transactions RegistrationRegardsEmpowerdex Team
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Mining Charter

Dear Sir/Madam,The Department of Mineral Resources (‘DMR’) has released the final Broad-Based Black Socio-Economic Empowerment Charter for the South African Mining and Minerals Industry, 2017. This charter is effective immediately for the industry. The charter guides the current mineral rights holders and well as prospective rights holders on issues around transformation and empowerment. It must be noted that this is not gazetted in terms of the BEE Act but rather under the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act of 2002, therefore cannot be used for procurement purposes in other sectors. Mining companies will be required to provide a generic BEE…
%AM, %14 %336 %2017 %09:%Jun

Threshold For Major B-BBEE Transactions

Dear Sir/Madam,Minister Rob Davies has signed the notice in respect of Major B-BBEE transactions in terms of B-BBEE ownership. All major B-BBEE transactions are required to be registered with the B-BBEE Commission. This refers to all transactions whose transaction value is equal to or exceeds R25 million. Those transactions which were entered into on or after 24 October 2014 but before 9 June 2017 must be registered with the B-BBEE Commission within 60 days of the attached notice.RegardsEmpowerdex Team
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