Verifications Services

Empowerdex offers the following Verification Services:

-          Verifications for entities based on the Generic Codes of Good Practice (CoGP) on B-BBEE

-          Verifications for Qualifying Small Entities (QSE’s) who’s black ownership is below 51%.

-          Verifications based on any applicable Sector Code.  Empowerdex is accredited to verify all the gazetted sector codes, which accreditation is updated as and when new sector codes are gazetted.

-          Verification of Ownership Status of any entity.  We apply the same process for these types of verifications as we would for a full verification process, however, this certificate would not contain the level contribution status for the rest of the elements of the scorecard.  These certificates are most useful to investment companies whose turnover may be below the R50 million mark, but are required to provide verified ownership information to their investee companies.

Black Owned QSE’s (less than R50 million annual turnover) as well as EME’s (Exempted Micro Enterprise – less than R10m annual turnover) need not carry out a full verification, but can utilise this affidavit for procurement purposes.  Please note, however, that an affidavit is not sufficient proof for ownership verification purposes.