1. What is the definition of Black Economic Empowerment?

“Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is a program launched by the South African government to redress the inequalities of Apartheid by giving previously disadvantaged groups (black Africans,ColouredsIndians and Chinese (declared to be Black in June 2008[1]) who are SA citizens) economic opportunities previously not available to them. It includes measures such as Employment Equity, skills development, ownership, management, socio-economic development and preferential procurement.” To read more go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Economic_Empowerment

2. How do I apply for an Empowerdex Rating?

In order to apply for an Empowerdex rating, please feel free to call your local office to get more details.

Your local Client Relations Manager will assist, and provide you with the necessary information you might require. We will want to know which bracket your organisation falls into below, in order to process or assist you with your application for a rating:

  • Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME): annual turnover under R10 million per annum
  • Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE): annual turnover R10 million to R50 million per annum
  • Generic Enterprise: annual turnover of R50 million and above

Once we are able to determine which bracket your organisation falls into, we can send you the relevant application pack in order for you to proceed with your rating. This application pack is filled with information on the next steps and how to go about your rating with Empowerdex. Please contact your local office to proceed with your rating.

3. What does it cost to get rated?

The cost of the verification will be dependent on the complexity of the ownership structure, the number of employees, procurement budget, and number of operating entities. Please contact your local office to assist you further

4. What are the various rating scores that can be achieved and what status does this relate to (the below relates to the amended CoGP 2013)?




2013 Codes


2007 Codes



Level One Contributor

≥ 100 points on the Scorecard

 ≥ 100 points on the Scorecard



Level Two Contributor

≥ 95 But < 100 points on the Scorecard

 ≥ 85 but < 100 



Level Three Contributor

≥ 90 But < 95 points on the  Scorecard

 ≥75 but <85



Level Four Contributor

≥ 80 But < 90 points on the  Scorecard

 ≥ 65 but < 75



Level Five Contributor

≥ 75 But < 80 points on the  Scorecard

 ≥ 55 but < 65



Level Six Contributor

≥ 70 But < 75 points on the  Scorecard

 ≥45 but <55



Level Seven Contributor

≥ 55 But < 70 points on the  Scorecard

 ≥40 but < 45



Level Eight Contributor

≥ 40 But < 55 points on the  Scorecard

 ≥ 30 but < 40



Non-Compliant Contributor

< 40 points on the  Scorecard

 < 30 points on the  Scorecard


5. What is the rating process – how does it work?

The rating process; which is in line with methodology outlined by SANAS and the Dti. Click here to see an explanation.

6. How can I get an Engagement/Tender letter?

A Tender Letter will be issued automatically at the start of the engagement process and is valid for a 3 month period, which is the time within which the verification should be completed even if there are delays. Tender letters may, unfortunately, not be re-issued upon expiry thereof. Please contact you local office should you wish to find out more.

7. What are the different types of ratings Empowerdex offers?

Our B-BBEE services include the full range of ratings, advisory, training, assurance services and research. 

8. Is Empowerdex SANAS accredited?


9. How do I learn more about BEE, the rating process and the Codes of Good Practice?

Empowerdex’s training programmes are designed to ensure clients are thoroughly informed of the latest BEE requirements so that companies and organisations are fully equipped to implement and manage sustainable B-BBEE strategies and practices. 

Our courses are continually updated so that companies can apply B-BBEE strategies with confidence of achieving their maximum potential ratings. 

We offer an introductory online BEE course as well as an advanced training option; the Certified Empowerment Technician (CET) course. This training workshop is suitable for industry consultants, clients handling their BEE policies, HR managers, transformation champions, CFOs, business owners and anyone who deals with BEE in some capacity within their organisation. For details on BEE training, click here.

10. I would like to use Empowerdex’s logo on my website or documents, in order to show we are Empowerdex rated – who do I contact?

Once verified, a company may only use the Empowerdex Certified Empowerment Contributor trademark logo, when referring to its verification status once it has obtained the written consent of Empowerdex.  The use of the Empowerdex logo is not permissible. Please consult our Standard Terms and Conditions of verifications, for the terms of utilising the Certified Empowerment Contributor logo.  It should be noted that use of the logo must be followed by the actual verified status achieved by the company, i.e.: ‘Empowerdex Level Four verified’ and NOT simply ‘Empowerdex verified’.  A company may not make use of the Empowerdex branding logo without permission in writing, from Empowerdex. Contact us on (011) 883 8548 for more details.