Additional Rating Services

Empowerdex has other services designed to assist to drive transformation.  Please speak to us on how we can assist you with your unique circumstances.

Collation Service:

The collation service is an offering whereby a separate team would assist your company in collating the correct information required for the rating process and compiling a rating to be presented to the rating team.   

Gap Analysis:  

This will be similar to the rating process, but over and above collecting information and verifying it, an analysis of your current processes and systems will be done.  At the end the process, a report will be formulated that will include the scorecard of the company (for internal use only), a processes analysis, as well as a gap analysis showing which areas the company falls short in, and which areas more effort is required.

The gap analysis can also be done after the rating, where the process is used to determine which areas require more attention, and what the possible score would be based on a few small changes.

The Indicative Rating Process:

Similar in basic processes to the formal rating, the Indicative Rating's difference lies in the fact that the scorecard information is not verified, but information supplied by the client is accepted on “face-value”. 

It is of the utmost importance to note that this indicative rating process will NOT result in a rating certificate that may be used in the normal process of proving compliance. It is normally used as an internal “pre-rating” exercise to determine whether changes need to be made prior to rating, or whether the client is ready for the process.  The value of this exercise lies in the much shorter turn-around time than the rating exercise, but still results in a deliverable which produces enough information to form the basis of the chronological next step, full rating. 

Ownership Assessment:

With this we verify your ownership element only and provide you with a detailed certificate of your ownership. The normal verification process is followed and the end result will be a valid ownership certificate.

Joint Venture/Consortium Certificate:

With this we will verify a unicorporated Joint Venture that was created between two or more companies for a specific project or as a temporary working together solution. We will assess the BEE certificate of all the involved parties against the share each of the entities has in the Joint Venture or Consortium. The end result will be a Joint Venture/Consortium certificate that is valid for 12 months.

Kindly contact your local Client Service Consultant in order to receive a quote on any of the above service offerings. 


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