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Empowering Supplier Status Put on Hold

Dear Valued clients,

Please take note of the latest gazetted notice from the DTI regarding the Empowering Supplier Status.  The notice allows all companies to be deemed as Empowering Suppliers until further notice.  This means that all companies scorecards will count for procurement purposes regardless of their actual Empowering Supplier Notice. If you have a current certificate where you did not qualify as an Empowering Supplier, there will be no need to update your certificate as you will be deemed to be an Empowering Supplier.

For any further queries, please contact your nearest Empowerdex office.

Best regards,

Empowerdex Team 

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Most Empowered Companies 2016

Dear Valued Client,

Most Empowered Companies 2016

For over a decade Empowerdex has researched, listed and published The Most Empowered company’s results, showing the overall ranking of SA’s listed companies, according to their Black Economic Empowerment scores. This year is no different, especially with the effects of the amended BEE codes of good practice now being implemented by many companies.

Published by Independent Newspapers’ Business Report on the 7th of August, the top 10 Most Empowered Companies were announced for 2016. The full report was published on 16th October, consisting of a list of the Most Empowered Companies as verified against the 2007 Codes and its sector codes; as well as a separate 2013 codes Most Empowered Companies. These two lists give an indication of the extent of transformation in the country. As more and more companies are verified against the 2013 codes, it would give us a clearer understanding of where we stand as a country in terms of transformation and adherence to the principles of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. The research was carried out by Empowerdex, with editorial supplied by Intellidex, with our publishing partners, the Independent Newspapers.

We would like to extend our congratulations to the pioneering companies that top the 2013 list for achieving what most thought improbable. AEEI, Oceana, Tsogo Sun, Niveus, and HCI have lead the way, and we wish them continued success in this empowerment journey. We look forward to even more contenders next year as everyone settles into being assessed against these more challenging requirements.

Most Empowered Companies 2016 lists can be found below. For further queries, please contact the Research team on 011 883 8548.


Empowerdex Team

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Empowerdex Pretoria

Unit 1, First floor
Cambridge Park
5 Bauhinia Street
Highveld Techno Park

Tel: 012 665 2078
Fax: 012 665 0647

Regional Manager: Linda Ndamase This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SANAS Accreditation BVA 101

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Empowerdex Durban

Unit 10, The Centenary (Quadrant 1)
30 Meridian Drive
New Town

Tel: 031 566 1938
Fax: 031 566 4621

Regional Manager: Ashkar Rambully This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SANAS Accreditation BVA 142

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Empowerdex Cape Town

14th Floor, The Towers
2 Hertzog Boulevard, Foreshore
Cape Town

Tel: 021 419 5130
Fax: 021 419 5131

Regional Manager: Nazeem Allie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SANAS Accreditation BVA 141

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Empowerdex Johannesburg

1st Floor, Building 3, 
Inanda Greens Business Park, 
54 Wierda Road West, Wierda Valley, 

Tel: 011 883 8548
Fax: 011 326 7803
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Postal Address:
Postnet Suite #273
Private Bag X26

SANAS Accreditation BVA 030

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B-BBEE Advisory

B-BBEE Transaction Analysis

Transaction impact analysis provides scenario analysis to forecast the impact of the transaction on the economic empowerment status of the acquirer and target firms. The service aims to reduce the potential risks associated with unsustainable empowerment structures. It aims to enhance the value of empowerment transactions to both entities.

The following forms of transaction analysis are available:

  • Pre- or post- transaction analysis and advisory services to assess the compliance of a B-BBEE deal in terms of the latest B-BBEE legislative and regulatory framework. This includes an assessment of the deal's robustness and the economic benefits flowing to black shareholders
  • Pre- or post-transaction analysis and advisory services to assess the impact of the sale of assets to BEE parties

Transaction analysis and advisory services can include a public opinion or statement by Empowerdex at the client's request. Over and above Ownership advisory we also offer implementation of the requirement of the amended BEE CoGP, including Sector Charters.

Empowerment Best Practice Analysis

The best practice analysis supports and guides companies in the design and implementation of empowerment initiatives. Empowerdex evaluates the proposed initiative against global and industry best practices and identifies any potential gaps. The findings from the analysis will highlight any risks and opportunities associated with the structure and will assist you in the effective and efficient implementation of empowerment initiatives.

B-BBEE Partnering

Empowerdex offers a BEE partnering service, tailored for medium-sized non-B-BBEE entities, wishing to expand the scope of their business and opportunities, as well as comply with the ownership element of the Codes of Good Practice, through the introduction of a B-BBEE partner.

For more information on these advisory services, contact Nomzamo Xaba on (011) 883 8548 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Empowering Supplier

On 11 October 2013, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies signed into law the Codes of Good Practice under S9(1) of the Broad-Based Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003.

These Codes came into effect immediately and with a transitional period ending on 10 October 2014.

In terms of these Codes, Companies operating in South Africa will need to show evidence of being Empowering Suppliers. This refers to B-BBEE compliant entities that comply with all the regulatory requirements of the country and meet the following criteria:

1. At least 25% of Cost of Sales, excluding labour cost and depreciation, must be procured from local
producers or local suppliers in South Africa, and for service industry enterprises labour is included
but capped at 15%.
2. Job creation – 50% of jobs created are for Black people provided that the number of Black
employees since the immediate prior verified B-BBEE Measurement is maintained.
3. At least 25% transformation of raw material/beneficiation which include local manufacturing,
production and/or assembly, and/or packaging.
4. Skills transfer – at least spend 12 days per annum of productivity deployed in assisting Black EME
and QSE beneficiaries to increase their operation or financial capacity.

The above criteria will be applicable to entities as follows:

  • EME’s and Start-ups are automatically recognised as Empowering Suppliers
  • QSE’s are required to meet at least 1 of the criteria
  • Generic Enterprises are required to meet at least 3 of the 4 criteria.

Assuredex, together with Empowerdex is able to assist with the following:

  1. Analyse your current status, to determine if you meet the requirements
  2. Getting your company geared to meet the requirements for Empowering Suppliers
  3. Analysing the gaps in your processes to be able to meet the Empowering Supplier
  4. Devising and implementing strategies to meet the requirements for Empowering Suppliers
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South-Africa’s first BEE verifications agency, Empowerdex, pioneered the empowerment verifications methodology and was actively involved in the drafting of the Codes of Good Practice. It is therefore perfectly positioned to guide your company through the maze of BEE and BEE-related legislation and regulations.

Empowerdex is a Level Two BEE contributor and SANAS accredited. It is also a founding member of the Association of BEE Professionals and is registered with the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors.

  • We provide a qualified analyst to take you through BEE legislation while verifying you
  • Empowerdex is able to help your organisation in deciphering the codes and understanding exactly what is required of your company (training)
  • We can assist you in understanding the newly amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice and what it will mean for your organisation
  • Empowerdex provides pre-verification support
  • You will have access to an analyst who will help you identify and analyse your BEE-compliance documentation
  • Empowerdex provides a standardised and uncomplicated BEE rating solution that has measured more than 6 000 companies

Your organisation will receive a premier BEE rating from the market leader in BEE measurement. Contact your nearest office if you wish to make an inquiry.

We operate through a qualified team of 100 employees and we provide our services in every province. Our clients range from large, JSE-listed companies to Generic, QSE clients representing every industry in the country. Should you require a BEE certificate or further information on any of our services, please contact Empowerdex for more information.

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Rating Process

The Rating Process in Detail

We've created this animation of Empowerdex's rating process for you to view. Read further to get more detail and understand how we can work together for best results.

Part 1 - Planning and Preparation

If you wish to engage us please fax the following documentation:-

* Ratings Application Form (find in ratings pack; please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the relevant documentation)
* Empowerdex's signed Standard Terms & Conditions agreement
* Proof of the initial payment as per the pricing matrix contained in the application pack or as per quotation provided
* Signed declaration 
* Company ownership organogram (if you have one)
* Company profile

On receipt of the above you will be contacted to provisionally accept the verification, and to either set up a preliminary site visit date, or confirm the dates when the verification file will be received from the company.

Part 2 - Verification Preparation and information analysis

Empowerdex file with all the requirements as per the Verification Questionnaire should be received. A verification site visit will be conducted after receiving the file once the analyst has chosen what items they will be sampling. Should the file be incomplete, the analyst will send a list of outstanding information that will be required on-site. The purpose of the site visit is to verify information, not to collect information. The analysis of the information must also happen prior to the site visit at the analyst's office, and not on the verification day. Therefore, if the list the analyst compiles is too long, or requests important material information, these will have to be sent beforehand to the office before a site visit date can be confirmed.

A verification site visit date will initially be set as soon as possible after the receipt of the verification file.

Part 3 - On-site Verification

Empowerdex will perform a verification of the information presented, as well as any risk areas identified during analysis of the underlying information through the use of verification procedures, including the validation of supporting documentation, interviews with company representatives, employees, Enterprise Development and/or Socio Economic Development beneficiaries during the verification visits.

On completion of the analysis, Empowerdex will:

Hold a Preliminary Meeting after the verification to communicate the preliminary score and any problems experienced during verification.

The analyst will go back to the office, where the file will be reviewed and a preliminary report will be issued.

The client then has another 5 working-day window period, to appeal against the preliminary score received, should they wish to do so. For more information on the appeal process please consult the company’s 'appeals policy and procedure' document, or ask the client services department to explain the process to you.

Should there be an appeal and all handled satisfactorily, the final report will be issued within five days of acceptance of the preliminary report.

Part 4 – Verifications Outcome

Once you have gone through the verifications process, you will be awarded a verification report with a verification certificate. The overall verification score will be issued as per guidelines in the Codes of Good Practice, e.g.: Level 3 Contributor.

Should you require an in-depth report, especially for board presentation, this can be arranged at an additional fee. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.






Level One Contributor

≥ 100 points on the Scorecard



Level Two Contributor

≥ 95 But < 100 points on the Scorecard



Level Three Contributor

≥ 90 But < 95 points on the  Scorecard



Level Four Contributor

≥ 80 But < 90 points on the  Scorecard



Level Five Contributor

≥ 75 But < 80 points on the  Scorecard



Level Six Contributor

≥ 70 But < 75 points on the  Scorecard



Level Seven Contributor

≥ 55 But < 70 points on the  Scorecard



Level Eight Contributor

≥ 40 But < 55 points on the  Scorecard



Non-Compliant Contributor

< 40 points on the  Scorecard




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Key projects

  • Empowerdex worked with the National Empowerment funding, for a comparative analysis of B-BBEE funding instruments and Empowerdex performed an annual review of funding mechanisms in the South African market aimed at facilitating and furthering B-BBEE Ownership.
  • Empowerdex currently researches the most empowered companies (previously Top Empowerment Companies), an analysis is done for Most Empowered Companies, and all the results are published on the section of the independent newspaper and on the Empowerdex website.
  • Empowerdex works closely with the Chamber of Mines and its members in addressing the transformational challenges in the industry through a codes aligned Generic Sector Code.


Historical Key projects

  • Empowerdex was part of the team that consulted to the Department of Trade and Idustry with respect to the development od the Codes of Good Practice for broad-based black economic empowerment.
  • Empowerdex was actively involved with the Department of Agriculture is the updating of its AgriBEE initiative; it conducted a benchmark study, aligning the sector's draft transformation charter with the guidelines set out in the Codes of Good Practice and conduced countrywide briefings to farmers in both rural and urban areas.
  • Empowerdex completed a sector audit for the Department of Minerals and Energy to determine private sector compliance against Petroleum and Liquid Fuels Charter.
  • Empowerdex was appointed by the Department of Communication as a consultant to measure the level of economic empowerment in the ICT sect and was part of the research team which supported the ICT sector steering committee in the development of the first three drafts of the ICT sector charter.
  • Empowerdex was appointed by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT) to create a comprehensive BEE index for the tourism sector. It also consulted to the DEAT in developing a BEE scorecard for the tourism sector, as well as developing a BEE procurement tool for the department.
  • Empowerdex worked closely with SAPIA on a strategy for approaching the 2013 Codes Alignment process as it relates to the development of an industry code for the petroleum sector of South Africa.

Key clients

  • Sasol Limited
  • Pathcare
  • Tsogo Sun International
  • Toyota South Africa Motors
  • Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited
  • Illovo Sugar South Africa
  • Sun International
  • The Lion Match Company
  • Barloworld Limited
  • Bosch Group
  • Allied Electronics Corporation Limited (Altron)
  • Hulamin
  • Adcorp Limited
  • Tronox Mineral Sands
  • Liberty Group Holdings
  • Ithala Development Finance Corporation Ltd Ithala SOC Limited
  • Alexander Forbes
  • Astral Operations (Pty) Ltd
  • Netcare Limited
  • SAPPI Limited
  • Woolworths Ltd
  • Sishen Iron Ore Company (Pty) Ltd
  • Pioneer Foods Ltd
  • Exxaro Resources Limited
  • Chevron(Pty) Ltd
  • Kumba Iron Ore Limited
  • TFG Ltd
  • Public Investment Corporation SOC Limited
  • Oceana
  • CSIR
  • Mediclinic Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd


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