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Digital Certificates

Dear Valued Client,


With reference to the newsletter sent on 7 September 2023.

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Newsletter: 07/09/2023

Dear Valued Client,
During the month of August 2023, Empowerdex has introduced a new and exciting way of issuing our B-BBEE certificates, which proves to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.
We have gone digital!
This change involves moving away from the accustomed hard copy A3 and A4 certificates, and migrating to a tech savvy and digital procedure that makes use of QR code scanning.
Each certificate is now fitted with a QR code just above the certificate number, which upon scanning will automatically download onto your device. This will also serve as authentication of the validity of your B-BBEE Certificate.  
We understand that this may impact how you regularly conduct business and apologize for causing any inconvenience. However, this change will ultimately make for a faster and even more secure process in the long term.
Should you still require a hard copy A4 certificate to be printed, you are welcome to contact us.  
Thank you for continuing to choose us.

The Empowerdex Team

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