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Practice Note For The Implementation of The Y.E.S (Youth Employment Service) Initiative

Dear Valued Client,
The practice note for the implementation of the Y.E.S (Youth Employment Service) Initiative has been issued in terms of the Amended Code Series 000, Statement 000 of the Amended Codes.
Highlights from this practice note:

  1. Eligibility:
    1. To participate in Y.E.S, you must be registered with the Y.E.S Non-Profit Company,
    2. You must maintain your previous BBBEE level status recognition, as issued by a SANAS accredited verification agency,  in order to be awarded any points under the Y.E.S initiative,
    3. Your eligible employees must complete at least eight (8) months of your qualifying Y.E.S initiative in order for the workplace experience to be recognised for verification purposes, and where due to any unforeseen circumstances the eligible employees fall out of your Y.E.S initiative, you will have one (1) month to replace them in order to remain eligible for BBBEE recognition,
    4. BBBEE recognition is only applicable for the creation of jobs under the Y.E.S initiative for eligible employees who are unemployment at the time of registering for the Y.E.S Initiative.
  2. Absorption:
    1. In the first year of implementation, there will be no absorption points to your company,
    2. The workplace experience must have taken place over a minimum of 12 months in order for you to be eligible for absorption points.
  3. Workplace Experience:
    1. Workplace experience will be monitored and evaluated by the Y.E.S Non-Profit Company and does not constitute Learnerships, Internships and Apprenticeships per Statement 300 of the Codes
    2. Up to 50% of your Informal Training (categories F and G of the Skills Development Matrix (Statement300)) of your skills development spend can be claimed as Workplace experience for your eligible Y.E.S initiative
  4. Registration procedures for participation:


  1. BBBEE Recognition
BBBEE Recognition
Achieve Y.E.S Target and 2.5%
Move 1 B-BBEE Recognition Level up on
the Scorecard
Achieve 1.5 x Y.E.S Target and 5%
Move 1 B-BBEE Recognition Level up on the Scorecard + 3 Bonus Points to the
overall Scorecard
Double Y.E.S target and 5%
Move 2 B-BBEE Recognition Levels up on the Scorecard

Kind regards,
Empowerdex Team

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