Rating Process

The Rating Process in Detail

We've created this animation of Empowerdex's rating process for you to view. Read further to get more detail and understand how we can work together for best results.

Part 1 - Planning and Preparation

If you wish to engage us please fax the following documentation:-

* Ratings Application Form (find in ratings pack; please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the relevant documentation)
* Empowerdex's signed Standard Terms & Conditions agreement
* Proof of the initial payment as per the pricing matrix contained in the application pack or as per quotation provided
* Signed declaration 
* Company ownership organogram (if you have one)
* Company profile

On receipt of the above you will be contacted to provisionally accept the verification, and to either set up a preliminary site visit date, or confirm the dates when the verification file will be received from the company.

Part 2 - Verification Preparation and information analysis

Empowerdex file with all the requirements as per the Verification Questionnaire should be received. A verification site visit will be conducted after receiving the file once the analyst has chosen what items they will be sampling. Should the file be incomplete, the analyst will send a list of outstanding information that will be required on-site. The purpose of the site visit is to verify information, not to collect information. The analysis of the information must also happen prior to the site visit at the analyst's office, and not on the verification day. Therefore, if the list the analyst compiles is too long, or requests important material information, these will have to be sent beforehand to the office before a site visit date can be confirmed.

A verification site visit date will initially be set as soon as possible after the receipt of the verification file.

Part 3 - On-site Verification

Empowerdex will perform a verification of the information presented, as well as any risk areas identified during analysis of the underlying information through the use of verification procedures, including the validation of supporting documentation, interviews with company representatives, employees, Enterprise Development and/or Socio Economic Development beneficiaries during the verification visits.

On completion of the analysis, Empowerdex will:

Hold a Preliminary Meeting after the verification to communicate the preliminary score and any problems experienced during verification.

The analyst will go back to the office, where the file will be reviewed and a preliminary report will be issued.

The client then has another 5 working-day window period, to appeal against the preliminary score received, should they wish to do so. For more information on the appeal process please consult the company’s 'appeals policy and procedure' document, or ask the client services department to explain the process to you.

Should there be an appeal and all handled satisfactorily, the final report will be issued within five days of acceptance of the preliminary report.

Part 4 – Verifications Outcome

Once you have gone through the verifications process, you will be awarded a verification report with a verification certificate. The overall verification score will be issued as per guidelines in the Codes of Good Practice, e.g.: Level 3 Contributor.

Should you require an in-depth report, especially for board presentation, this can be arranged at an additional fee. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.






Level One Contributor

≥ 100 points on the Scorecard



Level Two Contributor

≥ 95 But < 100 points on the Scorecard



Level Three Contributor

≥ 90 But < 95 points on the  Scorecard



Level Four Contributor

≥ 80 But < 90 points on the  Scorecard



Level Five Contributor

≥ 75 But < 80 points on the  Scorecard



Level Six Contributor

≥ 70 But < 75 points on the  Scorecard



Level Seven Contributor

≥ 55 But < 70 points on the  Scorecard



Level Eight Contributor

≥ 40 But < 55 points on the  Scorecard



Non-Compliant Contributor

< 40 points on the  Scorecard