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    Empowerdex assists businesses in acquiring clients and investors and guiding them in best-practice strategies, including compliance with B-BBEE where we promote programmes designed to withstand regulatory changes.
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    Our B-BBEE services include the full range of ratings, advisory, training, assurance services and research.
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B-BBEE Transaction Analysis

Transaction impact analysis provides scenario analysis to forecast the impact of the transaction on the economic empowerment status of the acquirer and target firms. The service aims to reduce the potential risks associated with unsustainable empowerment structures. It aims to enhance the value of empowerment transactions to both entities.

The following forms of transaction analysis are available:

  • pre- or post- transaction analysis to assess the compliance of a B-BBEE deal in terms of the latest B-BBEE legislative and regulatory framework. This includes an assessment of the deal's robustness and the economic benefits flowing to black shareholders
  • pre- or post transaction analysis to assess the impact of the sale of assets to BEE parties

Transaction analysis can include a public opinion or statement by Empowerdex at the client's request.


Empowerment Best Practice Analysis

The best practice analysis supports and guides companies in the design and implementation of empowerment initiatives. Empowerdex evaluates the proposed initiative against global and industry best practices and identifies any potential gaps. The findings from the analysis will highlight any risks and opportunities associated with the structure and will assist you in the effective and efficient implementation of empowerment initiatives.


B-BBEE Partnering

Empowerdex offers a BEE partnering service, tailored for medium-sized non-B-BBEE entities, wishing to expand the scope of their business and opportunities, as well as comply with the ownership element of the Codes of Good Practice, through the introduction of a B-BBEE partner.

For more information on these services, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on (011) 883 8548

Additional Rating Services

Collation Service:

The collation service is an offering whereby a separate team would assist your company in collating the correct information required for the rating process and compiling a rating to be presented to the rating team.   


Gap Analysis:  

This will be similar to the rating process, but over and above collecting information and verifying it, an analysis of your current processes and systems will be done.  At the end the process, a report will be formulated that will include the scorecard of the company (for internal use only), a processes analysis, as well as a gap analysis showing which areas the company falls short in, and which areas more effort is required.

The gap analysis can also be done after the rating, where the process is used to determine which areas require more attention, and what the possible score would be based on a few small changes.


The Indicative Rating Process:

a) Similar in basic processes to the formal rating, the Indicative Rating's difference lies in the fact that the scorecard information is not verified, but information supplied by the client is accepted on “face-value”.
b) Indicative assessment – (based on the new amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice) in order to safeguard your organisation from dropping a level, an indicative assessment will assist you in understanding your current scoring in using the new codes. Indicative assessments are often used to make strategic changes within an organisation, in order to gain view of what their actual rating will result in and or provide an opportunity to make the necessary changes, prior to the next rating. Pricing and timing dependant on the size of an entity.

It is of the utmost importance to note that this indicative rating process will NOT result in a rating certificate that may be used in the normal process of proving compliance. It is normally used as an internal “pre-rating” exercise to determine whether changes need to be made prior to rating, or whether the client is ready for the process.  The value of this exercise lies in the much shorter turn-around time than the rating exercise, but still results in a deliverable which produces enough information to form the basis of the chronological next step, full rating.

B-BBEE Scorecard conversion:

This entails the conversion of your current B-BBEE certificate into a scorecard based on the amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice. Pricing and timing dependant on the size on an entity.

Kindly contact your local sales team in order to receive a quote:

Johannesburg Head Office Tel: 011 883 8548 . Durban 031 566 1938. Cape Town 021 419 5130 . Pretoria 012 665 2078

Empowerdex has other services designed to assist to drive transformation.  Please speak to us on how we can assist you with your unique circumstances.


EmpowerDEX has pioneered its economic empowerment rating methodology to provide an independent opinion on the economic empowerment status of companies. The rating will assist companies in identifying and understanding their own, unique empowerment status, risks and opportunities. Empowerment ratings can also be used by public and private sector institutions and companies to allocate procurement, licensing and financing benefits more efficiently and effectively thus benefiting sustainable empowerment entities.


Public Ratings

A public rating evaluates the BEE status of companies based on:

  • Direct Empowerment (Ownership and Management Control),
  • Human Resources Development (Employment Equity and Skills Development),
  • Indirect Empowerment (Preferential Procurement, Enterprise Development and Social-Economic Development)
  • Operational capacity

Ratings provide procurement officers, financiers and licensing organisations with an independent assessment of the BEE status of a potential beneficiary. An SMME rating provides information on the direct empowerment status of the entity being rated, as well as an assessment of its operational capacity.

Companies with a turnover higher then R35 million will be rated against the Generic Scorecard (as set out in the Codes of Good Practice for B-BBEE)
Companies with a turnover of between R5 million and R35 million will be rated according to the Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE) Scorecard carried in the Codes
Companies with turnovers of R5 million or less are exempt from compliance with the Codes of Good Practice but may have their exempt status confirmed by requesting an Empowerdex EME Certification.


Private Assessments

A private assessment can be undertaken by a company without the commitment to release the rating to the public. It allows the rated entity to evaluate their existing status and implement corrective measures.


Charter Ratings

These are ratings done according to the transformation charter of the sector of the economy which the rated entity forms part of. These ratings are currently done on request, but will be fully integrated once the charters are gazetted as per the requirements on the Codes of Good Practice on Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment.